Get Global Entry – NEXUS – TSA PreCheck – SENTRI - FAST with the B.E.S. premier application processing service. If you are already part of a Trusted Traveler membership program, we will also help you renew your Global Entry – NEXUS – TSA PreCheck – SENTRI - FAST membership.

 We are Trusted Travel experts and we manage your application for fast border entry and re-entry for a cost of $149.99 (in addition to the fee charged by the government). Border Entry Services is not affiliated to a government agency. Our service is designed to make the Global Entry – NEXUS – TSA PreCheck – SENTRI - FAST card application process fast and error free. You can apply for a Trusted Traveler border pass yourself direct from the government website.

TSA Pre Check First Timers

TSA PreCheck program application gives fast track security at departures from US airports. No need to take off your shoes, jackets or belts or get out liquid bags or laptops for TSA approved travelers.

TSA Pre Check Renewal

Renew TSA Precheck membership and continue to beat the airport security lines on departure with Pre TSA. TSA Pre is now available at all major US airports.

TSA Precheck Family

Use our TSA Pre application to fast track your family thru’ airport security at departures from leading US airports. Families can enjoy TSA Pre screening when traveling together.

TSA Precheck Family Renewal

Use the TSA Precheck program application to renew your family’s existing TSA Pre memberships. Enjoy TSA Pre Screen benefits for family travelers. 

Border Entry Services are TSA Precheck program application experts. We make your Pre TSA Check program application quick and easy. Our TSA Pre application forms make TSA Pre Check enrollment, and Pre TSA renewal easy. You could apply for TSA Pre screening yourself direct from the government website, but it’s a slow and time-consuming process. That is why so many TSA Pre Check applicants choose B.E.S. for a fast and trouble-free Pre TSA experience.

Who Can Apply for TSA Precheck?

The following citizens are eligible for the TSA Precheck program application:

  • US Citizens
  • US Permanent Residents

If you have criminal record or have violated immigration or customs laws, you may not be eligible for this program.